Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charge for ALM consultations?

As you receive services at ALM, we encourage you to make a reasonable and responsible donation according to your financial ability. Don’t give what you cannot give, but give what you believe the Lord wants you to give. Services of this type in the greater Lancaster area typically range from $85-$100 per hour. Donations may be made with cash, check or credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Discover).

 Do you accept insurance? 

No, we’re sorry we do not process through insurance.

 What is the typical wait time when scheduling a consultation? 

Daytime appointments can usually be scheduled a week or two in advance.  Evening appointments fill up quicker and often require a three-week wait, or more.

 How long is a counseling session? 

Most consultations run an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

 How often and for how long do you meet with clients?

Most of our counselors recommend meeting every two weeks.  The duration is dependent on the situation and progress.

 Do you counsel children or teens?

We do not have a staff member who specializes in working with children or teens, so we take it case by case.  We are happy to set up an initial appointment with only the parents, after which we make a recommendation concerning continued care.

What about differences in beliefs? 

While Abundant Living Ministries is not associated with a specific church or denomination, all counselors are Christian, committed disciples of Jesus Christ and will offer Bible-based advice.  Many clients of varying beliefs or with no church/religious background have benefited from ALM’s services.

 Is ALM a licensed counseling agency? 

Services offered by ALM are most similar to “pastoral counseling” of the type commonly offered by church pastors who are trained and knowledgeable in Bible and theology.  ALM’s counselors are not licensed therapists or clinicians.

 Can friends and/or family members set up appointments for their loved ones?

If the client is at least 18 years of age, we ask that they set up their own appointment. It has been our experience that, when a friend or family member arranges the appointment, the client is often not as invested in the counseling process.