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Our Services

We offer a number of seminars and personal/family care services. Although ALM has no established fees, a responsible donation is expected. Services are never denied because of inability to contribute.

Abundant Living Ministries Services
Guest Speaking

John Charles and his wife Sharon are frequent speakers at churches, men’s/women’s groups, conferences, retreats and Christian schools. They teach on marriage and family-related topics, as well as subjects of personal spiritual growth.

Guest Speaking

If you’re facing a crisis or simply desire to be a better-equipped Christian, ALM can assist you!

Life brings challenges. When you’re not sure of the next step, it’s nice to know there’s a place where you can find help and hope. Since 1978, Abundant Living Ministries has been aiding individuals and families in the discovery of God’s solutions to life’s problems. We invite you to come see us in the peaceful Lancaster County countryside.

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